For Organizations

Chart Column 1The Rutgers Economic Advisory Service – R/ECON™ – can help your organization see what’s on the horizon in good times and bad, and do so at a reasonable cost.
Successful businesses use information wisely. Timely data on markets and economic conditions helps firms increase profits. Especially in difficult economic times, accurate economic forecasting and analysis strengthen marketing and business planning.
In short, any organization with a substantial presence in the state will benefit from R/ECON’s™ services.

Your organization can use R/ECON™ to: 

• interpret national and international economic trends that influence New Jersey’s economy
• help in understanding how state government policies will affect your organization
• anticipate long-term demographic changes that affect the labor market
• forecast your New Jersey market for one to twenty years into the future—and up to 30 years for some projects
• look at New Jersey’s 10 major submarkets to pinpoint growth areas in the state